Autowing is a computer program, developed by Professor Nikolai Kornev in collaboration with Dr. G. Migeotte of Icarus Marine, which calculates the aero- and hydrodynamics of various different types of high-speed craft including the following:


·        Wing in Ground Effect Craft  (Ekranoplans)

·        Hydrofoils

·        Planing Hulls

·        Stepped Planing hulls

·        Semi-planing vessels

·        Hydrofoil-Assisted Catamarans


           Autowing is unique in its capabilities of being able to model the complex aero-hydrodynamics of high speed craft using the method of Discrete Vortices (Vortex Lattice Method).


Current features:


·        Discrete vortex panels to model solid surfaces

·        Linear & non-linear Free surface boundary condition modeled with     vortex panels

·        Vortex roll-up of lifting surfaces calculated with Free Surface   interaction.

·        Multiple lifting surfaces

·        Equilibrium conditions calculated during post processing to allow          variation of LCG and displcement without need to repeat calculations



·        Profile shape design through inverse method

·        Surface piercing hydrofoil design

·        Calculation on non-prismatic planing surface

·        Calculation of planing multihulls

·        Design of steps for planing hulls

·        Calculation of WIG flight

·        Calculation of WIG take-off

·        Calculation of WIG stability (static, dynamic and unsteady) during flight



Recent successful applications of Autowing:














· Design of hydrofoil system for 45 m Catamaran

· Design of Stepped planing catamaran

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