Construction Support

If you have specific needs for construction, please contact us for a customized solution.

ICARUS Marine can provide the following services relating to construction:


 Production Control

 Aluminium Kits

 CKD kits

 Mould kits for composite boats

 Vacuum infusion technology

Production Control

ICARUS can provide a complete production control system. The production control system is tailored for each company / product. Described below is the basis.

Using the vessel drawings and specification a desk top work study is done to describe how the vessel is to be built. This involves defining each task to be undertaken with a brief descriptor that uses a formal work breakdown system (WBS).

Each descriptor uses a work breakdown system number WBS, such as for example. 24v electrical wiring 404

Work Instructions (Job Cards)

Work instructions are provided in Job cards, printed cards which are handed out to the workers. The cards have the following information:


 Job Title


 Number on production plan


 Personnel required

 Details of the work to be done

 Test requirements

 Equipment facilities required

 Planned Hours

 Notes by worker doing the job

 Hours used

 Quality Control


We assist with setting up the process plans and the initial desk stop study. Members of the company are involved in the setting up the Control System and then the company takes over the system and continues with the process with occasional audits and input from ICARUS.


Contact us for further information.

Aluminium Kits

An aluminium kit that includes all the aluminium necessary to construct one of our designs can be provided. Aluminium is pre-cut and then flat packed for shipping to the yard. All kits come with detail drawings for final assembly of the aluminium structure. ICARUS will take the responsibility of getting you the complete kit for construction of your vessel.

CKD kits

A complete knockdown kit (CKD) can be provided for any of our designs on request. The CKD kit is assembled in Malaysia or Europe and can include all details and equipment for final assembly of the boat. Such kits are ideal for construction of vessels in locations where the local availability of materials and equipment is limited. The CKD kit is usually shipped in 3-4 containers. Firstly the structural kit will be provided, followed shortly by propulsion system and later all equipment and materials for fit out of the vessel.

Mould Kits

For composite vessels, we can supply a complete plywood mould kit for all parts of the boat. A flat packed plywood kit for the plugs and/or moulds is provided with complete instructions for assembly and final finishing of the moulds. As part of the package ICARUS will provide local specialist support to help the yard with construction of the moulds if required. This can be in the form of a single production manager or a complete composite production team.

Vacuum Infusion Technology

ICARUS can provide a complete technology transfer package for implementation of resin infusion at your shipyard. A typical package would include all equipment required for infusion as well as consumables for the first boat. The procedures and processes for infusion of the main mouldings will be provided.

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