HYSUCAT stands for Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran and describes a novel hullform developed by Prof. K.G. Hoppe at Stellenbosch University.  The design consists of a novel catamaran hull with a hydrofoil system located in the tunnel between the hulls of the vessel. 

           The hydrofoils support 40-60% of the craft’s weight at speed and lifts the hull partially out of the water. 


           As the hydrofoils have a much better lift to drag ratio (L/D=20) than a planing hull (L/D=5) the result is a craft with much lower resistance than a conventional planing hull.  This lower resistance can be applied effectively to: 


· Increase the speed of the vessel without having to increase installed power

· Reduce the fuel consumption and increase the range of the boat

· Increase the payload of the vessel.



           Below are a few examples of how HYSUCAT craft compare with conventional planing craft.














           On Hydrofoil at speed:


           In this example the HYSUCAT has 12% more speed and 15% less installed power than the monohull. Both craft are about the same length and the same displacement.

           These two craft have similar, speed, length and displacement but the HYSUCAT has 37% less installed power.  This means smaller fuel consumption and increased range.


           This example shows the load carrying capability of the HYSUCAT.  Both crafts have the similar speed, the HYSUCAT has 13% more installed power but the displacement of the HYSUCAT is 130% higher!


            The ability of the HYSUCAT to carry heavy loads at higher speed is one of its most attractive features.  Such load carrying capability makes the craft much more flexible for its intended operation. 


           Such additional capacity can be used for fuel, increased cargo or passengers or armament or armor in the case of a military boat.

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